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With integrations for your favourite eCommerce platforms, our eCommerce terminals will create a flawless experience for your customers while saving you money.

Comes complete with a dashboard to track sales and transactions, which can be viewed on any device from anywhere!

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    Since we don't make a penny on your transactions, we're able to give you the LOWEST wholesale transaction rates offered by the bank. Lucky you!


    Never be surprised by a processing bill again! With Wildcard Payments, there are no hidden fees, penalties, or charges.


    Take control of your finances. With us, you'll never have to wait more than 24 hours for money to arrive in your acount.

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

    Transaction support is handled 24/7 by one of the largest banks in the world. Any other issues are handled directly by a member of our 5-star team!


    Your rates are 100% GUARANTEED and locked-in for the entire duration of your contract with us. No more rate increases!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What separates us is that with most other merchant service providers, they also add additional fees on top of the base charges set by the acquiring bank to create an additional stream of recurring revenue. 

We don’t.

All of our revenue comes from the small one-time commission paid by the acquiring bank for the lease of your terminal. We don’t make any recurring revenue from your business, which ensures that you have the absolute lowest monthly payment possible and you get to keep the money that you work hard to earn.

Of course not! 

Your merchant services contract will very clearly state that the rates you’re offered are locked-in for the duration of your contract, unable to be changed by us or the acquiring bank until the contract expires.

It’s true, in some cases our terminals are slightly more expensive.

For almost all companies, though, the small additional cost for the terminal lease is insignificant next to the massive amount we are able to save companies on their transaction rates and other fees.

You can use our calculator here to instantly get an idea of what kind of savings you should expect or fill out our short application here to get a detailed proposal!

(Don’t worry, we don’t require any personal info to use the calculator)

Great question! The rates we offer depend on the Average Transaction Amount (A.T.A.) through your terminals.

If your A.T.A. is below £30 your rates would be 0.255% for debit card transactions and 0.599% for credit card transactions.

For Average Transaction Amounts above £30, your rates would be 0.285% for debit and 0.599% for credit.

Note: The rates above don’t apply to businesses classified as “high-risk”, contact us and we can get you up to date high-risk rates for your business!

That’s fantastic!

In a lot of cases, unfortunately, when merchant providers have similar rates to ours it means that they make money by charging more on back-end fees.

We hope this isn’t the case with your provider, but if you’d like to be sure you’re not being overcharged anywhere, head over to our instant estimate calculator to make sure you’re not overpaying!

(Don’t worry, no personal information is needed to use our estimate calculator)

With same-day payments, all payments made to your terminals are guaranteed to be in your bank account within the same 24 hour period!

Payments are made at 9am every morning (excluding weekends) and include all transactions up until midnight the night before.

(Note: transactions made between midnight and 9am are paid on the next pay cycle)

No problem! 

Feel free to use our live chat, check out our contact us page, call us on 0333 9961133, OR email us at

The possibilities are endless!