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Merchant Services For Every Type Of Business

If you’re in business in the UK, our merchant services can help you. 

We offer the lowest rates available on our payment processing services and next-day payments, regardless of your industry, as well as the ability to take a cash advance on your new (or existing) payment processing terminals.

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Payment Processing

Whether it’s on the go, online, or at the register, we can help you to save money, get paid faster, and forget hidden fees or unexpected charges!

High Risk Accounts

If you accept payments and operate within the United Kingdom, we can help get you up and running with a variety of different payment solutions, all featuring the best possible rates available, regardless of your industry!

Merchant Services Cash Advance

Did you know that you could be eligible to get a loan for up to 130% of your monthly transactions with ANY payment processing provider? Click here to see if you qualify!

The Best In Merchant Services

With Wildcard Payments, Enjoy:


    Take control of your finances. With us, you'll never have to wait more than 24 hours for money to arrive in your acount.


    We use the most powerful GPRS mobile terminals available which are able to take payments anywhere on the planet with a mobile phone signal!


    Since we don't make a penny on your transactions, we're able to give you the LOWEST wholesale transaction rates offered by the bank. Lucky you!

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

    Transaction support is handled 24/7 by one of the largest banks in the world. Any other issues are handled directly by a member of our 5-star team!


    Never be surprised by a processing bill again! With Wildcard Payments, there are no hidden fees, penalties, or charges.


    Your rates are 100% GUARANTEED and locked-in for the entire duration of your contract with us. No more rate increases!

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