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Take Face To Face Card Payments In Style

Take Face To Face Card Payments In Style

PAX A920 Face To Face Card Payments Terminal

Joanna Campbell

Founder – Leaf and Bean Café

We have been really pleased with the service received from Wildcard Payments to date and would happily recommend your services to other business owners!

Why Choose Us For Face To Face Card Payments?

Wildcard Payment Processing security padlock

Unmatched Security

Keep your business and your customers safe with the most advanced security compliance measures available.

Dedicated In-House Support

Our own team of in-house support people will go above and beyond to make sure your expectations are exceeded!

Wildcard Payments Contact Person Helping Customer

Next-Day Payments

No more waiting for your money! With us, you’re eligible to have your payments deposited into your account on a daily basis.


No Hidden Fees

Never be surprised by a merchant statement again! 

Stunning Terminal

Get your hands on the best terminal available, the PAX A920.

Reporting Dashboard

Keep track of your payments in our online reporting dashboard.

The PAX A920 Terminal

PAX A920 Card Payment Terminal 2

Sleek, Stunning, and Fast

The PAX A920 is designed to provide a quick and easy experience that your customers will love.

Contactless Payments

Equipped with NFC technology, you’ll be able to take contactless payments in-store or on the go.

Take Payments Anywhere

Never lose signal again! The PAX A920 comes standard with built-in Wi-Fi, 4G, and GPRS connectivity.

PAX A920 Card Payment Terminal 2

Keeps Going All Day

The impressive 5250mAh capacity battery keeps your terminal going for when you need it most.

Front & Back Cameras

Scan and process mobile and QR code payments quick with dual HD front & back cameras.

Speedy Thermal Printer

The PAX A920 prints receipts quickly and accurately with it’s built-in 80mm/s thermal printer.